Classic Trolley with Flyer
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Classic Trolley + Flyer
Adult: S$73
Child: S$53

Details meet distance with this unique combo. If you’re a heritage and culture buff who is after a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that departs from the conventional coach tour, the Classic Trolley is the ideal choice. Cruise the city on board a sophisticated tour vehicle designed to evoke nostalgia, stopping up-close at key historical attractions for an advanced exploration by foot. Afterwards, leave the intimacy with these discoveries behind, fly high and admire the city’s picturesque grandeur from afar.

Location: Singapore
Duration: 3 hrs on Classic Trolley Tour and 30 minutes on Flyer.


  • Flyer

    Relax in the capsule of Asia’s largest observation wheel while a panoramic view of Marina Bay and other defining skyscrapers unravels.

  • Classic Trolley Tour

    The specially-themed Classic Trolley Tour aims to immerse you in the architectural splendor of the famed ethnic quarters of Singapore. Choose between a 3-hour, fully guided tour of Chinatown (2:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) or Little India (2:30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

    Little India – One of the ethnic enclaves where you can find Tamil cultural elements, the place to visit for a glimpse into the lives of the Indian community in Singapore.

    Chinatown – Soak up Singapore's Chinese culture and history and witness how early Chinese immigrants lived & worked during its golden years.

What to Expect

Duration: 3 hours on Classic Trolley Tour and 30 minutes on Flyer.

Attractions: Flyer, Trolley Tour, Little India OR Chinatown.

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